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08/20/2019 | Accountability Rating 2019

TEA-Accountability-Ratings-2019b.jpg Accountability Rating 2019
By: Dr. Rogelio Segovia, Asst. Superintendent

The Texas Education Agency released ratings based on an A–F scale for each district and school in the state of Texas. The rating is based on student achievement, school progress and closing achievement gaps. San Elizario Independent School District has earned a high B rating for a second year in a row. The District improved from an 86 to an 89, one point shy of earning an A.

“We are very proud of our continued, positive growth as it demonstrates the passion our teachers in collaboration with our entire San Elizario Team is doing to assist our students to improve their academic outcomes,” San Elizario ISD Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez said. “I feel that the academic growth is only possible because our teachers and the entire SEISD team balances academics and all other aspects to include our Community that help our students experience success.” All schools are committed on positive student outcomes which will ensure continued district improvement.

San Elizario ISD’s Board of Trustees will continue to embody its vision which is to graduate students with skills to meet the demands of a changing world. “I want to recognize the educators that worked with our students to get them prepared for this accomplishment as well as the parents for providing the needed support. This achievement took an entire team and I know that the A is in the horizon. San Elizario ISD is truly focused on student outcomes and this accomplishment is proof of our commitment,” said Board President Sandra Licon.